HOUSE PAINTING LUXEMBOURG, varied and quality services.

Whether it is a dwelling, an apartment, a room in your house or an entire residence, the interior painting experts at House Painting Luxembourg meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

General inspection, examination of walls and ceilings, site planning and installation, protection of furniture, preparation of surfaces to be painted, application of the necessary coats of paint, cleaning and storage after work; everything is taken care of by our experienced and orderly team.

House Painting Luxembourg is also advice on the types of paint (primer, latex, acrylic, etc.), on the possible finishes (matte, semi-gloss, gloss, pearl) and on the appropriate methods of application ( brush, roller, spray gun).

Our team (plasterer, pointer, painters, upholsterer) ensures that the finish is impeccable.

Description of service:


House Painting Luxembourg makes the difference when it comes to refreshing rooms, halls, premises or apartments (interior). Whether for the residential sector, for new buildings or those of a certain age, our team masters all the techniques (brush, roller, gun).

House Painting Luxembourg has the necessary equipment for the realization of any interior project.

  • high ceilings,
  • walls,
  • inaccessible places,

nothing is beyond us!

We are also at the cutting edge of technology in spray paint (high or low pressure).

How much does interior painting cost

Prices vary depending on the quality of the products used and the work involved (preparation or repair of surfaces, scaffolding).

The cost of interior painting jobs also varies depending on the surface to be painted and the rate of your painter or professional painting company.

The number of coats of paint to apply, (single coat or a refresh, and two coats or two coats if needed) can also skyrocket costs.

Prices for gallons of paint may vary depending on brands used and product features. The cheapest are not always the most economical, it must be said…

Other considerations should also be considered:

  • Wall and ceiling conditions and mandatory corrections if necessary;
  • Furniture to be moved, frames and electrical plates to be removed;
  • Protection of floors, furniture;
  • The type of paint used and the colors chosen, and the number of colors and finishes;
  • Alors ses assez difficile d’évaluer combien il peut en coûter pour faire la peinture intérieure de votre maison ou logement. «C’est du cas par cas».

Ask House Painting Luxembourg to make a fair cost estimate; your choices will be evaluated and these costs of work will be respected.

The benefits of a professional painter for your home.

It’s great fun to see the end result of a painting project inside your home.

The paint job, to be professional and durable, should be left to the experts. Here are some great benefits to justify hiring a professional painter for the interior of your home.

A quality paint job takes time and effort. If you have any to lose… If not, hire a professional who will focus on the task. It will complete the job in a faster and, mind you, with better results. Everyone can paint, they say. Maybe…but not everyone can do it well! That’s why you need to do business with a professional painter.

Here is an overview of some advantages:

A professional will know how to evaluate the project and choose the right paint in order to obtain the desired professional results. As a result, be sure to hire a painter who has the knowledge and experience to complete your project.

This is the best way to guarantee your investment. Your interior painting project is unique. It can result in requirements appropriate to the situation.

The professional painter has his (her) certificates of competence and extensive experience. He has an in-depth knowledge which means he will be able to easily solve any problems that may arise.

An experienced interior house painter will manage quality control throughout the work. He knows and respects the rules of the art.

In summary, hiring a professional interior painter is choosing peace of mind and a quick execution of the work.

What choice of interior paint should I use?

As an experienced painter, House Painting Luxembourg advises to go with a 100% acrylic interior paint, regardless of the brand.
When it comes to covering power, acrylic paint is superior to latex paint, diluted with water. The 100% acrylic interior paint also has better adhesion and resistance to cleaning. This paint therefore lasts longer, but its price is to match. Still, the colors of the acrylic paint are rich and retain their shine.

Which interior paint finish to choose?

Interior paint finishes vary by manufacturer. Each boasts of the luster and brilliance of its products. It’s more of a marketing thing than anything else.

House Painting Luxembourg offers interior paints and a range of finishes that are suitable for all rooms in the home and for all surfaces. We advise you according to what you want as an atmosphere.

On the ceiling, a matte paint (without luster) makes it possible to correct surface defects, among other things when the jointing has been badly done. A matte finish also hides a lack of sanding or badly applied layers of paint.

For rooms like the bedroom or living room, you can use a low-sheen wall finish, such as eggshell or velvet.

On the other hand, where there is more traffic and where the surfaces are subject to frequent cleaning (stairs, windows, doors, hallways, etc.), opt for a semi-gloss, gloss or pearl finish. These finishes are more durable. For more humid areas, such as the bathroom, a mildew-resistant paint is a better choice.

The brush and the roller; which type to choose?

Choosing the right brush or roller is important. Both must be suitable for the type of paint used and the sort of coating to be covered. The level of quality may also make a difference.

The brushes. inside a dwelling, a residence or a business, the coating is very often made of gypsum, a smooth surface that can be painted with a brush. Choosing the right format (width) and the right fibers is essential. Thus, for latex paint, our team generally uses the synthetic filament brush, with a bevel cut.

bevel brush

Rolls; Coils. An experienced painter avoids leaving visible roller marks on surfaces. The finish is a variable to consider for this purpose. The longer the roller and the thicker the fluff (15 to 20 mm), the more suitable it will be for a matte finish. For a slightly glossy finish (eggshell or velvety), we recommend a roller with a 13mm fluff.
For gloss finishes (pearl, semi-gloss and gloss), 10mm down is appropriate. Too long a fluff roller makes it difficult for the paint to penetrate; the surface may then look like an orange peel.

Application of interior paint by spray gun or (spray)

The House Painting Luxembourg team has high-performance equipment, while mastering the different techniques in interior painting.

When using an atomizer gun, we recommend slow, steady strokes. In fact, the gun must always be in motion and held vertically (the supply hose towards the ground).

Spray left to right and right to left, approximately 25cm from the surface to be painted, or even from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Since the paint is spray-on, it is very important to protect your working environment. Wearing a mask is recommended to avoid inhaling fine and toxic particles.

A few tips for use (spray gun)

Never start vaporizing (spray) without already being in motion. Similarly, stop spraying before stopping the movement of the gun in space.

Otherwise, you risk creating paint buildup and streaks. Remember to clean the gun thoroughly after use.

In Luxembourg as elsewhere, spray painting is often used to paint the interior of buildings under construction, entire houses, apartments and shops.

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