HOUSE PAINTING LUXEMBOURG, varied and quality services.

House Painting Luxembourg, a painting company specialized in the restoration of ancestral buildings, knows how to give old houses their cachet of yesteryear.

Regardless of the original materials, we inspect and assess the needs of the buildings to be restored (wood, stone, brick, terracotta, etc.) and we are committed to reviving their character and respecting noble materials. During the surface preparation stage, we strip and correct traces of wear using the method that is appropriate for each coating. We also make sure that the finish of the paint is very uniform, like the original. We can also do the preventive maintenance of your “heritage treasure”.

We have the required expertise, certifications, licenses and equipment to carry out any detailed work required to restore a heritage-listed building, whether residential or commercial.

With House Painting Luxembourg, the estimate is free and our exterior painting work is guaranteed.


Description of service:

House Painting Luxembourg, multi-service painting contractor, stripping, sandblasting, staining and varnishing of doors, large and small. Our painters are masters in sandblasting and stripping all types of surfaces: wood, concrete, cement, metal, wrought iron and interior stair steps.

Carrying out stripping

We can do stripping, scraping and/or sanding also for exterior staining and/or varnishing.

In our achievements (opposite), it was a question of stripping the varnish present on the huge wooden doors of a pavilion at Laval University. We also stripped paint on cement (using a high-pressure jet system) and stripped an old house before painting its exterior.

Public building entrance door stripping

“Stripping requires patience and determination,”

If you fear challenges and respect for the rules of the art, if you want to be finished before you start, stripping is not for you! If, on the contrary, you aim for perfection at work, here is how to proceed to successfully stripping doors and woodwork.

As you may know, you will have to choose, initially, the water-based stripper or the solvent-based stripper. Water-based stripper removes one coat of paint or varnish at a time. The other removes several. However, one is less toxic or the newer Bio strippers. In stores, you will be offered the solvent-based stripper, given its rapid effectiveness.

For doors and woodwork in general, I suggest the gel stripper. Ideal on vertical surfaces, it does not run and dries less quickly than liquid stripper, hence its effectiveness.

With a brush, apply all over and leave on for at least fifteen minutes. Carefully read the instructions for each product. This wait time may vary. Roger Bélanger your stripping specialist tells you to put several coats to get results. A signal: the old paint will blister… It’s time to scratch.

Has the paint completely disappeared? Clean the surface with water or lacquer thinner. The wooden surface becomes matt again. You have to let it dry on a good day.

Then we sand with 80, then 100 and 120 abrasive papers. In order, one erasing the traces of the other so as not to have any demarcation.

Attention Mr. Bélanger tells you that your fingers do not leave marks on the wood… Their marks will be visible forever.

The layers of stain are done with a brush. Obviously, you have to sand (220 paper) between each coat for a flawless finish.

I strongly advise against the heat gun, which lifts without stripper thanks to intense heat. But, the lead content of oil paints before the 1950s is dangerously harmful to health when it evaporates under heat. We just have a page on advice on lead paint, good reading. (click on the lead link)

Whether it is for interior or exterior stripping, on doors or walls, no coating (paint, stain, varnish) can resist us.

For the house, an institution, a business or the industry, it is House Painting Luxembourg.

Price for door stripping

It obviously depends on the work to be done. Amateur painters will want to camouflage the old age of your doors with a new coat of paint. This camouflage will not be durable and very unprofessional and without any good looks.

The professional will assess the cost based on type of stripping, number of coats, time spent on surface preparation.


The size of the door or doors, the interior surface and the exterior surface also influence the cost, as does the color of the varnish and stain chosen. With an opaque color, the price is reduced somewhat because the surface preparation is less demanding. But you will no longer see the grain of the wood.

If the wood requires repairs, it will increase the working time, therefore the price of the company.

A quote costs nothing at House Painting Luxembourg. A few photos and information on the desired work can help to get an idea of the cost, but the professional will have to see the door to validate the real cost of this work.

Avantage d’engager un entrepreneur spécialisé en décapage ?

Si vous avez la bonne idée de faire affaires avec Roger Bélanger de House Painting Luxembourg, dormez tranquille. C’est un perfectionniste qui travaille d’abord et avant tout pour la satisfaction du client et son propre contentement en tant que professionnel. Avec lui vous ne vous trompez pas.

Son expérience et ses formations de perfectionnement en teinture, vernis et décapage  lui ont donné la meilleure compétence disponible, pour faire revivre vos portes et boiseries.


Gabled, pitched or gabled roofs, cornices, turrets… no matter the height and whether it is wood (shingles) or a metal covering, House Painting Luxembourg has the know-how for their aesthetic enhancement. We respect the deadlines, the safety rules and your budget. We have the skills required for commercial work and construction sites.

As a roof painting contractor, House Painting Luxembourg is well versed in the most appropriate techniques and products for your building. Surface preparation, including blasting or high-pressure cleaning, is strongly recommended for turrets and cornices, as old coats of paint will cause new paint applied to peel or crack

The painters of House Painting Luxembourg master the techniques of painting at height (scaffolding, nacelle). Whether it is for the application of a conventional anti-corrosion paint or for the installation of a zinc coating (cold galvanizing), they are used to a job well done. Cold galvanizing coating is also suitable for aluminium. The work is done with a brush, roller or spray.

We are particularly passionate about cedar shingle or sheet metal roofs (residences). We like to give them panache. But they too must be well prepared: removal of leaves, mold, rust, contaminants, etc. We also use trisodium phosphate (TSP) as a degreaser. Luster removal and sanding may also be required.

Concerned about quality and durability, House Painting Luxembourg favors high-tech products for the protection of metal siding and roofing. Noxyde, for example, is a one-component anti-corrosion coating forming a very elastic membrane. And to make the roof of your house shine again, we recommend using the Techniseal elastomeric coating.

House Painting Luxembourg offers the best value for money. A detailed quote always precedes the start of the work. We have all the certifications required for painting work on the roof and on facade elements).

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